Technique & programming

Recently I was interviewed by John Greaves III of Garage Gym Life Magazine.

We discussed Mace Fit’s main focus, which is teaching coaches/trainers how to implement a successful, sustainable  program at their training facilities.

One thing I spoke about in particular was that someone could learn very basic mace techniques on YouTube, which in itself is not bad,  but what you learn is very limited.

Learning one or two mace exercises buying a 10lb mace is fine if you want to train alone

Mace Fit, however, involves much technique and continuous programming.

Program design is the key to any good training program, and it is especially true with maces and clubs.

It is essential to run group classes in Mace fit to have enough plate-loadable Adex maces and clubs for all your people. Fixed weight implements will not mesh well with how our training works. You must be able to change weights simply and quickly since you will be dealing people who are very different from each other in strength, size, and experience.

Could you run a Powerlifting class or an Olympic Weightlifting class with only one pair of weight plates? No, of course you couldn’t.

If you own a gym or train people in someone else’s gym, don’t take shortcuts with Mace Fit. You have to know what you are doing and you must have the right equipment!

It is vital that you attend one of our certifications and get “hands-on” instruction to start the right way and continue on successfully!

Our next certification is in North Carolina Sept.22-23, 2018. Take action and be there!

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