The Mace Fit

Code of Conduct

As a Certified Mace Fit Coach and/or Licensed Mace Fit Affiliate I acknowledge and agree to abide by these principles and rules:

• I will in, good faith, represent Mace Fit/ in a positive manner at all times

• I acknowledge that the name and logo are owned by Cave Strong Nation, L.L.C.

• I will only use the logo and/or name as I am authorized to by the Mace Fit Leadership

• I will write our training programs exclusively using the Mace Fit four-part training template I learned at the certification

• I will not merge Mace Fit training with any other mace/club program under the Mace Fit name, however, previous certifications will be honored

• I will reference the source of exercises from any other mace/club certification or system that I use

• I will not encroach on any Certified Mace Fit Licensed affiliate’s protected area

• I will contact the Leadership Team if I have any conflict with other Certified Mace Fit Coaches or Certified Mace Fit Licensed Affiliates and abide by their decisions