May 9, 2019

New Mace Fit® classes!

Get your Mace Fit® training in before you go to work! Our new classes are Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-7:00am at the Cave,   4463 Ashton Rd.,  […]
May 9, 2019

Month of Mace Challenge #2

Great job on the first challenge, now sink your teeth into this one! Read more
May 8, 2019

The strong get even stronger with Mace Fit® training

April 1, 2019

Mace Fit® training #143

general warm up (10 minutes) double club side cleans x 20 reps 1 hand halos x 15/15 reps inside mil;s x 15/15 reps specific warm up […]
March 31, 2019

She knows her stuff, so listen up!

March 31, 2019

Yes, we swing maces but there’s much more to Mace Fit®

March 30, 2019

schedule change for next week

The Cave will be closed on Thursday April 4 The Tropical Trauma class usually done on Thursday will be moved to Wednesday April 3 at 6:00pm
March 29, 2019

Mace Fit® training #142

general warm up (10 minutes) inside mills x 15/15 reps outside mills x 15/15 reps front raise lunges x 10/10 reps specific warm up (5 minutes) […]
March 27, 2019

Mace Fit® training #141

general warm up ( 10 minutes) mace 1 hand front catch x 10/10 reps crossbody swings x 15/15 reps 2 hand front cleans x 20 reps […]
March 26, 2019

Making it count!

While in Sarasota for a seminar relating to her career, Ivone carved out time to get  here to learn some new some more about our training. […]
March 25, 2019

Mace Fit® is going “Down Under”

Here’s a few thoughts for the man who will be leading the charge for Mace Fit® in Australia. He is currently in  our online certification course. […]
March 25, 2019

Mace Fit® training #140

general warm up (10 minutes) drumming x 50 reps figure 8’s to hold x 30 reps 1 hand standing figure 8’s x 20/20 reps specific warm […]