July 17, 2019

Another Mace Fit® group does the challenge from Poland

Early morning at the Cave The sun has just come up and it’s time to do the work
July 17, 2019

Mace Fit® training #183

general warm up (10 minutes) Americanas x 40 reps inside mills x 15/15 reps outside mills x 15/15 reps BTN stretch x 60 seconds x 1/1/1/1 […]
July 16, 2019

First day on this challenge

This is a very tough challenge, even though it is fairly short
March 31, 2019

She knows her stuff, so listen up!

January 3, 2019


MaceFestTM  is two days of learning, feasting and fun powered  by Mace Fit® When–April 27-28, 2019 Where–The Cave gym in Sarasota, Florida (and surrounding venues) What– […]