Creator of Adex equipment

Owner of Adex Developmental

Adex Equipment Logistics Coordinator

Mace Fit ® Leader

Mace Fit ® Coach at Barracuda Fitness



World Champion

5x Gold Medalist Team USA Kettlebell Sport

Over 22 years Professional Training experience and World Class Expertise

Certified Mace & Club Trainer/AKA Vintage Strength Feb 2016/Vintage Strength Games

Top Competitor since 2016/Certified Kettlebell Sport Coach

IKSFA Level 1 & 2/AKA Level 1/Kettlebell Trainer RKC, WKC, AOS

Medical Exercise Specialist/Post Rehab Technician/Licensed Nutrition manager

American College of Sports Medicine Trainer/American Council On Exercise Personal Trainer/AAFA Weight Room Resistance Trainer

BA Degree in Communications William Paterson University

TV Broadcasting Profession WOR-TV 1986-1995

With her tremendous passion for making a difference in people’s lives, Valerie revels in the work of helping to build confidence in others, while witnessing their spectacular journey, as they exceed expectations in pursuit of fulfilling goals. Keep Getting Stronger, Valerie Pawlowski

ACSM, ACE, AFAA AOS, WKC, RKC Certified Trainer IKSFA, AKA, Certified Kettlebell Coach Licensed Nutrition Manager



Owner of the Cave.

Mace Fit® Coordinator

Frank Dimeo is the founder and coordinator of macefit.com; as well as an experienced coach, speaker, author, fitness advocate, and seminar presenter. Here’s a list of his qualifications–

Instructor Courses:
Certified Underground Strength Coach Level-2
Certified Vintage Strength Mace & Club Coach Level 1
Certified Battling Ropes Coach Level 1
Frank has also completed:
Dave Schmitz Reactive Resistance Band Workshop
Mike Mahler Level-1 Kettlebell Seminar
Kettlbell Concepts Level-1 Seminar
Tom Mitchell Strongman Basics
Logan Christopher/Bud Jeffries/Ryan Pitts /Eric Guttmann/Dru Patrick: Super Human Training Workshops #2 & #3
Back 2 Basics Powerlifting seminar with Dr. Fred Hatfield, Richard Ficca, and Jenn Rotsinger
Ed Coan’s Powerlifting Seminar
Three Adex Exercise Club workshops with Don Giafardino Adex Club & Mace 8 week Course with Rik Brown, Jessica Huttig,
Valerie Pawlowski, & Don Giafardino
Online Mace Training with Rik Brown (18 months)
Former Staff Sergeant/Squad Leader with U.S. Army Paratroopers
Many years of martial arts experience (retired as Nidan from Uechi-Ryu)
Pioneered a full-contact fight club in the 1970’s.
His goal is to provide the most effective training possible drawing from his own experience and that of other dedicated trainers/ coaches.


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