Certified Coaches

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James Woodall (919)601-9349


Woodall’s Fitness 107 Best Wood Dr., Clayton, NC 27520

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Dina Ziskin-Fortune (578)424-3511

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Hunter Hawkins (919)348-6983


Woodall’s Fitness 107 Best Wood Dr., Clayton, NC 27520

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Gee Okonkwo (832)489-9856


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Bobby High  (919)422-6543


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Saundra L. Grange

609 Hopkins Rd., Indianapolis, IN 456229


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Christine Rosi runs CLEER Fitness Training in Rhode Island at

190 Gervais St Coventry, RI 02816

BS in Physical Education. Certified Underground Strength Coach (CUSC), Certified Nutrition Coach – Pn1 and Personal Trainer who loves Books, Harleys, Jeeps, Tattoos, Warm Weather, and staying Healthy & Fit. Love helping others become stronger & better versions of themselves.

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Susan DiMeo has 0ver 30 years of experience in the medical profession

Occupational Therapist OTR/L
Certified Kinesio Tape Advanced Practitioner
Certified NSCA Personal Trainer
Kettlebell Concepts Level 1 Trainer Course
Resistance Band Training Level 1 Course
Specializes in personal training of people with injuries

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Jason Tackett

3rd black belt in Ninjutsu, second degree brown belt in Kenpo Karate

My Pursuit as an unconventional strength training practitioner began in my career as an amateur fighter I started training with kettlebells and mace and clubs about 6 years ago. Since then achievements has been 2 ton owner Classics champion 1 time Olympia Expo champion in Las Vegas  as well as my first kettlebell Competition winner in Vegas. I won the club competition at the Arnold’s in 2017. I have multiple certifications and Club and mace. Going to Las Vegas what is the turning point in my unconventional strength training career. This year in Ohio the competition was tough, lots of new players very strong guys. I was fortunate to come out the winner this time. Training is my life. Time with my family is very important because I’m very Hands-On with my son he is the world to me I love spending time with my wife. But at the end of the day I’m in the gym pushing staying a hundred percent. I will keep pushing myself beyond the limits that’s for the kid’s success in my opinion. I have an accomplished class and have trained champion mace lifter, Alex Johnson, the youngest competitor so far he won a gold medal in Ohio this year has first competition in mace. I look forward to many more years of competition and training. I am very blessed for the family, friends and colleagues and students I have in my life.  I give  the glory to God tell him it would not be possible


2018-05-31 01.31.57Ricardo Mendez

Battlecry Fitness  126 Live Oaks Blvd,  Casselberry, FL 32707 ph. 407-960-3774

  • Crossfit Level 2
  • USAW 2
  • CF Strongman
  • CF Kids
  • CF Mobility
  • Original Strength Cert.

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Vaughan Chambers

Marine Corps Veteran

adaptive  Powerlifter

adaptive Strongwoman

Gorilla Bench Training Center

1660 N Hercules Ave, Ste A

Clearwater, Florida

(727) 748-2975

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