Save the dates–upcoming certification

You will learn how to safely train with  maces and clubs as well as how to start a  class at your training facility.

Our location is in sunny Sarasota, Florida just minutes from beautiful Siesta Key Beach!

  •  Be a leader in the next big wave in fitness
  • Learn how to integrate mace and club training into your current training
  • Or how to use it as a “stand-alone” training program
  • Learn how to write training programs that work
  • Get ongoing support from our leadership team

Early Bird Discount

Save $100 on certification on April 21-22, 2018 when you register before March 1, 2018





Podcast with Rik “Mr. Maceman” Brown

Watch the podcast here


read Rik’s bio. here

No words needed

2018-02-19 07.08.17

Attack mode–Thursday night macefit class

Podcast with World Champion, Valerie Pawlowski

See Valerie’s bio. here

Watch the podcast here


Steel clubs & maces will challenge you

58 years young and loves our training

Monday morning at the Cave #macefitnation ,, #adexclub

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How busy professionals stay fit

How strong can you get with our training?

Great for warm ups, conditioning, or as “stand-alone” workouts

Maces and clubs are extremely versatile!

You don’t need a big gym for this type of class


Small gyms are often overlooked by the general public, but they are often where you’ll find some of the most dedicated strength athletes around. Whether it’s a small  garage  or warehouse gym, macefit will fit!

In fact, started in my 1400 sq. ft. warehouse gym, the Cave, in Sarasota, Florida. About 1200 sq. ft. is training space. It is a small gym, but it packs a wallop!

Your small gym can too. We’ll show you how.

Here’s a look at tonight’s class

2018-02-01 07.09.332018-02-01 07.05.20



The “night shift” in attack mode

Another one of our leaders in action

Don Giafardino is the creator of Adex maces and clubs, and he has gotten very strong training with them!






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