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There is so much good training information available through  other excellent trainers & coaches that we believe in and use.

It is our specific intent to acknowledge the sources and individuals who have contributed to our training.

If we have left anyone out, please contact me ASAP, and I will personally correct it.

Adex maces & clubs are our preferred equipment, here’s some reasons why

Jesse Miner shares his review of Adex training equipment. You can learn more about Jesse in our group class directory

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to mace training

No macefit.com gyms will be opened close to another one

This is something we will be very proactive about!

Coaches/trainers who come on board with us should not open “next door” to another macefit.com gym.

It is very important that a certain distance be kept (guidelines will be posted soon on this). Our group class directory will only list qualified gyms that keep that distance.

Certification details will be announced soon

Our certification will be coming this winter in beautiful, sunny Florida

Only a few minutes away from Siesta Key Beach.


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