Our new Mace Fit Level 1 Coaches

Mace Fit is for every dedicated person

There are many courageous people out there who need nothing more then an opportunity to show what they are capable of. This gal is a great example of that!

Recap of day #1 macefit.com certification

The very first certification started off with a bang!

The people attending all had very noteworthy training backgrounds.2018-04-21 00.06.04

Don Giafardino and Valerie Pawlowski “brought the thunder” with information-packed presentations

2018-04-21 03.36.14

People traveled in from New England, Georgia, and even from Peru.

They were extremely attentive to the presentations and the practice.

2018-04-21 03.41.11

2018-04-21 04.05.11

2018-04-21 04.12.56




Pioneering the macefit.com movement

By the time most people read this, out first certification will be under way.

The people who are traveling long distances for this epic event are modern pioneers in the world of fitness.

macefita1 (1)

“…those who will not risk cannot win”

John Paul Jones

People of action will be the leaders in the macefit.com movement!

“I should have gotten in at the beginning!”

How many people have said that over the years?

They procrastinated and missed a great opportunity.

As the very first Mace Fit Level 1 Coaches will be certified this coming weekend and the first licensed affiliates established, those who would not invest in this opportunity will most likely regret it down the road.

Getting certified is the first step, and becoming a licensed affiliate is also a huge opportunity.

As our licensed affiliates are established, and macefit grows quickly, we have learned from other organizations to avoid having  affiliates open right next to each other.

That’s a big reason to “get in” early!

Another reason is that the first people in will pay  the lowest affiliation fees. Our leadership team will do our utmost to help make every licensed affiliate successful.

Being a licensed macefit.com affiliate is something that many people will wish they had done, but didn’t take action. Don’t be that guy!


What the macefit.com certification is and isn’t

Some people are confusing our certification with a regular mace course so here’s some of the  differences:

  • macefit.com is a multi-faceted, comprehensive training strategy integrating several different training implements
  • Our certification is a  two day course of instruction
  • It teaches program design, not just technique
  • It is based on over two years of actual classes being run using this strategy
  • There is both a “hands-on” test and a written test
  • macefit.com has a U.S Trademark applied for

If a person wants to just the learn about the mace, there are numerous mace courses available. I love mace training, but it is only one part of what we do at macefit.com .

Just remember,  macefit.com is not going to limit itself to just mace training.


2018-01-30 06.15.36


macefit.com builds a different kind of strength

mace tests

The 10-to-2 exercise is done for maximum reps in 5 minutes


What is the macefit.com pipeline?

Glad you asked!

The macefit.com pipeline is our way of selecting and training future seminar and certification presenters.

People who earn their Level-1 certification will be the group we start with. They will get additional training and support from the leadership team to prepare them to do macefit.com certifications in other parts of the USA and the world.

Don’t confuse this group with the folks who just like to do mace and club training.

The Level-1 coaches will be “groomed” to become Level-2 coaches and do the presentations at our certifications.

Our pipeline will not be for everybody, yet anyone is welcome to seek to be included in it.

The macefit.com pipeline will be for people who:

  • understand how big macefit.com will become
  • strive for excellence daily
  • make smart decisions quickly
  • have high levels of self-discipline
  • are self-motivated
  • are action-takers
  • have courage
  • are leaders

Those attending our very first macefit.com certification on April 21-22, 2018 will be the first candidates to be considered for the pipeline

Why use a short mace when I have a mace and a club already?

Excellent question!

The Adex short mace (also called an “arc”) combines elements of the other two pieces of equipment.

You can do just about every mace and club exercise with the arc, there’s a few examples below.

in the macefit.com training system, the arc is a vital link in our program design.

Once you use one, you will be “hooked”!

By the way, you can win an Adex arc by being the first person to register for our certification  before midnight tonight. Register here


#macefitnation #adexclub

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Find out how fit your people are with this simple test

The long cycle test, using two Adex clubs, is simple.

Record the weight used for the test in your training journal or log book.

Do the maximum number of reps you can in 5 minutes.

Our target is  100 reps, which when it is achieved within the time limit, the person will add weight for the next test 3 months later.


Win an Adex Arc (short mace), here’s how