Learn what Mace Fit Training is all about from Former U.S. Army Paratrooper and Martial Arts Instructor, Frank DiMeo.

The Training System that gets you Stronger, Leaner, and More Fit without lifting heavy weight or running.

What Can Macefit Do For You?

Mace Fit ( macefit.com) combines training with maces and clubs. It can be used as a stand-alone program or added to your existing training.

Our program design has been tested “hands-on” and tweaked over time to help our clients get solid results. We will show you how to start a Mace Fit program at your training facility and how to program the training for beginners and for those more advanced.


Using centrifugal force, our exercise training method allows full body strength training with less chance of injury. Alternatively, Mace Fit utilizes isometric and isotonic exercises to build strength.

Weight Loss

Mace Fit is a unique combination and strength and cardio exercise that is easy to pick up. That means no matter your age or fitness level, this is a functional weight loss exercise that delivers versatility and customization to your specific fitness needs and goals.


Mace Fit is like jogging without the running! With countless exercises meant to bring up your heart rate, our methods are easy to start and integrate daily.


Intro to Mace Fit

Learn What Mace Fit is All About

Basic Course

How To Do Steel Mace & Club Workouts

Advanced Course

Advanced Steel Mace & Club Training

Level 1 Cert

Mace Fit Instructor Certification

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