December 7, 2021

Testimonial from Fire Captain, Fred Mohr

Fred is one of our Certified Mace Fit Level 2 Coaches as well as a career Firefighter. He also runs the Steel Mace Nation Podcast.  Here’s […]
January 16, 2022

Mace Fit training #539

general warmup (15 minutes) 1 hand mace swing & catch x 12/12 reps 2 hand front pull over lunges x 100 feet Russian front raises x […]
January 10, 2022

Mace Fit training #538

general warmup (15 minutes) alternating front swings x 30 reps arc figure 8’s to hold x 30 reps seated 2 hand twists x 30 reps BTN […]
January 7, 2022

Mace Fit training #537

general warmup (15 minutes) standing 2 hand Russian flys x 5 reps Gama casts x 12/12 reps mace launch & catch x 15 reps cross body […]
May 7, 2021

Slinging steel in North Carolina at Woodall’s Fitness

James Woodall is a  Certified Mace Fit® Level 2 Coach. Woodall’s Fitness and Performance Center is a Certified Mace Fit®  Affiliate Gym
April 6, 2021

Featured New Certified Mace Fit Level 1 Coach: Amy Wolff

We are psyched to have Amy on our coaching team! She is our 5th Certified Mace Fit® Level 1 Coach in North Carolina. N.C. is booming!
January 19, 2021

Certified Licensed Mace Fit Affiliate gym in North Carolina

Woodalls Fitness & formance in Clayton, NC was our very first Mace Fit affiliate gym. Scroll down on their homepage and you’ll see out official Certified […]