December 7, 2019

Warrior Woman Mace Fit® workshop coming in Jan. 2020

Ladies, get ready to sling some steel, have a blast,  while kick starting your New Year! Learn how to do cardio without running and get strong […]
December 6, 2019

Mace Fit training #239

general warm up (10 minutes) 1 hand Americanas x 20/20 reps windshield wiper squats x 15 reps diagonal pull overs x 15/15 reps BTN stretch x […]
December 4, 2019

Mace Fit® #238

general warm up (10 minutes) drumming x 30 reps outside mills x 15/15 reps lateral barbarian lunge 360’s x 20 reps specific warm up (5 minutes) […]
June 29, 2019

Much respect to Certified Mace Fit® Coach, James Woodall

I have know James for quite a few years and he has been battling cancer almost all of that time. He is a real man, he […]
December 29, 2018

Building grit with Mace Fit

Grit comes in many shapes and sizes: You can’t buy it You can’t download it You can’t get it right now You have to build it […]

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