May 4, 2023

Mace Fit Level 1 Coach Course June 10-11, 2023 NASM Approved for 1.2 CEUs

Provider Number: PRO-014103 1.2 CEUs awarded upon completetion You will learn how to implement and run a sustainable steel mace & club program at your gym. […]
June 1, 2023

On the way to the Vintage Strength Games tomorrow

We are so blessed & psyched to go to the games again this year! Here’s a video of our first stand-alone games in 2019. I won’t […]
May 30, 2023

Mace Fit training #742

general warmup (15 minutes) 2 hand standing figure 8’s x 30 reps barbarian pullovers x 20 reps Russian plank flys x 3/3 reps specific warmup (5 […]
May 28, 2023

Mace Fit training #741

general warmup (15 minutes) 2 hand front swings x 30 reps 2 hand side swings x 30 reps long cycles x 30 reps specific warmup (5 […]
July 6, 2022

Stephanie St. Romain (1st place at the Vintage Strength Games) shares her thoughts

Now that I’ve had time to recover from the weekend, I want to touch on something that’s been weighing heavy on my heart and heavy on […]
December 9, 2021

Short sizzle reel of the 2021 Vintage Strength Games in Orlando

August 27, 2021

Vintage Strength Games video #7

Three tough competitiors battling it out. Our own John “Abuelo” Powers is on the right.
March 29, 2021

Vintage Strength Games 2021– Orlando, Florida

Save 25% on your registration  before April 30,2021 Registration and details here
March 22, 2021

Recap of the Orlando Mace Fit Certification

We had a blast in Orlando this past weekend at Iron Life Athletics. When you walk into this place, you know it’s all business, no playing […]
March 21, 2021

Featured newly Certified Mace Fit® Level 1 Coach: Coringa Conway

Huge congrats to Coringa! He is the first (but not the last) competitive Strongman to get certified in Mace Fit®. He is the owner/head coach of […]
March 8, 2021

Mini Mace Fit Workshop Oct. 20 Orlando, Florida

This is a great opportunity to get some “hands-on” training of the basics of steel mace & club training. No experience necessary. The Mace Fit exercises […]